It’s bluebell time in my backyard

The advantage of being an idle gardener is that the soil does not get disturbed very much. This means that bulbs can go fourth and multiply without being disturbed. I have a beautiful patch of bluebells that gets bigger each year. The bluebells first appeared many years ago without any help from me.  There are … Read more

Secret pond life

What wildlife is lurking in the pond? My pond does not have any ornamental fish so it is a haven for many types of wildlife. In the Spring dozens of frogs appear from nowhere to do their mating. When the frogspawn has been laid they disappear back to whence they came. Where they live I … Read more

Today I mowed the patio…

…and the lawn. Well I am a self confessed idle gardener and running the hover mower over the patio is my quick way of dealing with the weeds that grow between the paving stones. Clearly it is not as good as getting down on ones hands an knees with a trowel and rooting them out … Read more

I am an idle gardener

I love my garden and I like to see lots of beautiful plants but my philosophy is to spend as little time as possible in garden maintenance. It has been a beautiful sunny day today so I got out my camera and took some pictures in my garden.